Are You Cut Out For A Career In Animation?

Deciding what career field to pursue can be both challenging and exciting. A lot of time, effort and money go into acquiring the skills and training that’s needed to launch a new career. Before making a big commitment, it’s helpful to know that you’re pursuing a profession that suits your personality and natural characteristics.

Animation is certainly an appealing field to anyone who has spent hours doodling sketches of their favorite cartoon characters. But there’s a difference between being a fan of animation and actually being suited for the job. The industry is both creative and technical, so it requires a unique blend of abilities. There is no one-size-fits-all description of a perfect animator, but there are definitely some common characteristics that many animators share.

We enlisted a few animation pros to help us identify some inherent qualities that may suggest you’re cut out for a career as an animator.

You should consider working in animation if…

1. You have curiosity

Lots of people spend their days fighting boredom and blindly conceding to the people, circumstances and scenery in their lives. But that’s not you. When you are at your best, you can find a way to be interested in almost anything. The list of your hobbies—or the list of hobbies you wish you had time for—is a long one, and when you learn about something new, a spark of excitement lights up in your mind.

2. You have a artistic flair

Maybe you were the kid who doodled elaborate pictures and stories on the side of your math homework. Or you were always drawn to artistic disciplines and hobbies. Good design catches your eye, and that penchant for knowing what’s aesthetically pleasing goes a long way in animation.

Storytelling ability should not be overlooked—a good-looking design being brought to life with animation is great, but it’s even better when it is done with purpose.

3. You prefer logical analysis

Do you have a fondness for science? Do you love logic and order in your world? When you are making a decision or solving a problem, do you use rationale to come to your conclusions? Are you curious about how things work? Analytical thinking is so often associated with the sciences, but it’s an important part of animation as well.

Since the art of animation is drenched in the digital world, technology is a huge part of the job. Understanding the building blocks of technology—and science—generally comes in handy.

4. You can concentrate on your work for long stretches

Maybe you can lose yourself for hours in a drawing or a book. Or maybe you find yourself following a fascinating topic on Twitter without missing a thing. No matter what it is, if something catches your interest, you can lock in and give it your full attention.

In animation, this is a vital skill. The overall process of creating a series of images that move seamlessly takes a lot longer than most could even fathom. The ability to concentrate for a long period of time is key in animation. If you struggle staying focused even on projects you enjoy, this will likely be a barrier. While you may be intimidated by the idea of that much careful, technical work, most animators find it rewarding to see what they spent hours drawing come to life.

5. You have a sense of humor

Do you love to joke around with the people in your life? Do you appreciate comedy and the subtle motions and gestures that push jokes over the top? If you do, bring that sense of humor along in your animation career.

Animation is often associated with humor in a very direct way. When you think of it, you probably picture cartoons. Animators have an excellent sense of body language, expression and gestures—and often the funniest people know how to exaggerate these visual cues for added effect.

Even beyond the animation itself, it’s much easier to work with people who have a good sense of humor and some spontaneity. For situations where you will work with a team of people, your sense of humor can add to the group chemistry.

6. You are passionate

You never could tolerate putting your name on a sloppy piece of art or a half-hearted project. When you think of design or animation, you feel excitement to get going, an itch in your fingers to bring an idea to life. No matter what other traits you have or don’t have, passion for the job is what truly makes or breaks an animator.

Passion will make you keep trying and practicing. Passion will keep you at your work, making it as stunning as possible.

Though you might have to hustle against many different animators in the beginning of your career, time will likely eliminate those who are not passionate about the craft. But if you love animating, there are ways to stand out right away.

So, Are You An Animator In The Making?

If you find that the characteristics described above resonate with you, you may be destined for work in animation. But even if some of these don’t quite fit you, it doesn’t mean your dreams of an animation career are ruined.

Animation might be the perfect career to let you leverage some of your natural qualities in a creative career you can enjoy. But animation is not a job made of purely soft skills. Technical ability is a must, which means possessing these traits is only the start. If you’d like to learn more about what you’ll need for a career in animation, contact us today!

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